Indica Bred: A Potent And Flavorful Strain

Falcon Berry strain belongs to the Indica bred. It features purple bud and super frosty green, a fruity gelato aroma with a terpene-heavy twist. The strain is a variety from Exotic Genetix and is possible to get cultivated indoors and outdoors. The strain is THC dominant variety and available as feminized seeds.

How does it smell?

The strain smells like hashy and fuel earth berry. Falcon alone is one of the most underrated until you try it. It is so damn flavorful and potent. When looking for the put-back, this is the right one.

Wi-Fi Tahoe strain

The feminized seeds

Falcon berry is a feminized seed, a cross between the delicious Red Pop and Falcon 9. Falcon 9 belongs to the Exotic Genetix family, an Indica-dominant strain, which results in crossing Sunset Sherbert. The strain is characterized by a soft fizzy ice cream flavor that comes from purple buds accented by deep orange pistils. The strain is intended for Indica lovers, known to start out as a strong high before it settles in the body.

The Red Pop is the result of crossing a strawberry with cookies and cream. It only smells amazing, but an infusion of great yield and great terps that produces a champion feels with lots of potential to cross and create great strains. The Exotic Genetix stands for its constant drive, to gain knowledge and wisdom and learn from past mistakes.

The Exotic Genetix stands by its constant drive, learning from previous mistakes and gaining knowledge and wisdom with each step taken. The sole goal is to present a quality product and continuously strive for the best.

What is the effect?

The effects of the strain are mainly Indica-dominant and physical. The Exotic Genetix has a scent reminiscent of cola drink with red fruits and sweet touches.

What does its flowering period have?

When the cannabis is grown indoors, it takes 8-9 weeks for the flowering period. Outdoors, it is in early October.

The strain has long-standing breeder secrecy. The bud offers a mellow Indica body and head, powered by a low THC level. The high starts with a slight uplifting euphoric effect that clears the mind of racing thoughts and replaces it with pleasant haziness. It is accompanied by the slowly building soothing body buzz ebbing throughout the body in warming waves that completely relieve pain or tension.

The sedation mellow feeling and couch-lock. The strain is perfect for newer users.