Medicare Advantage Plans for 2020 – Are You Ready?

It’s time to start counting down the days to Medicare Advantage Plans for 2021 and visit That’s when coverage that was initially intended to supplement insurance and help seniors with rising health care costs will be made available to every American who qualifies.

Over time, the number of people joining these programs has doubled to about eight million. More than one in five of us is covered by Medicare Part A, or Part B, through our employer. By definition, you’re covered even if you don’t work for an employer.

Even those who have bought private insurance in the past are now covered by Medicare Part A. The only difference is that there are restrictions on the kinds of benefits you can get. Part A and Part B are different plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2020 are set to begin, as soon as the administration approves the plan and the regulations are changed. Medicare Advantage plans are usually better than traditional Medicare insurance, but you still have to pay premiums just like you do now. Some Medicare Advantage plans to charge higher premiums than traditional Medicare.

You don’t have to pay co-pays or deductibles. Those are added costs. You don’t have to make payments or receive any benefits if you’re a Medicare Beneficiary, unless you’re experiencing an emergency.

The wide range of benefits has really helped many seniors. They can use the money they save on prescription drugs, checkups, surgical procedures, and physical therapy to make up the difference in their premiums. They can use that extra money to go on vacation, take a second mortgage out on their house, buy a new car, or spend it all on gas and tolls.

Then there’s the extra funds you’have to decide how to use. If you don’t have any trouble making a monthly payment on your old insurance policy, you can find ways to improve your lifestyle by paying down credit card debt, consolidating your student loans, buying a home, or spending more time with your family.

You may feel like you’ll be sacrificing too much when you start taking money from your coverage, but you should know that the government takes into account that you’ve already sacrificed a lot. Before any of this can happen, you have to be enrolled in Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part C.

Your family members who have private insurance can also join, as long as they qualify for the same coverage as you. They may also want to apply to join, since they could end up subsidizing your benefits.

If you choose to enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans for 2020, you’ll need to sign up for a website called CMS. This is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It takes about 45 minutes to fill out the necessary information for the enrollment process.

Once you’re in the program, you’ll need to fill out a complete application for coverage. You’ll be able to see a doctor you want, when you want, and where you want. There’s no limitation on the services that you can receive and the amounts you can pay for those services.

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2020 is coming into effect, and those of us who are eligible for these programs will have to enroll in them or fall back on our old health insurance plans. No matter what your income level, your choices for health insurance are endless, so make sure you’re prepared before it’s too late.